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About SocialBooster

What is SocialBooster & how can it help my website or business?

SocialBooster is a social media marketing and management suite for your website and business. Tools to take your marketing to the next level, you're in complete control.


  • Automatic Publishing - add posts to your Schedule or Queue and we'll automatically publish it for you. Save hours on marketing!
  • Social Inbox - never miss an incoming message from your Twitter or Facebook audience again.
  • Facebook Ad Manager - create, run and manage Facebook Ad Campaigns directly from your SocialBooster dashboard.
  • Performance Analytics - measure your social marketing performance and analyse your audience growth for each network.
  • RSS Content Discovery - deliver fresh and popular content to your audience from your favourite blogs daily.


The key to growing your social media audience is to maintain an active presence with regular updates for your audience to interact with - SocialBooster provides you with a full suite of tools to boost your social marketing.  Now you can spend more time growing other areas of your business and website.

SocialBooster is ranked the #1 tool for increasing online website presence through social media. Marketing your website, blog or business is crucial to your online success and social media is one of the most efficient and cost effective strategies for gaining exposure. Get started with SocialBooster today and take your social media marketing to the next level, it's super easy and it will save you hours on your social media marketing!

What social networks do you connect with?

You can connect profiles from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube (we're always adding more too!).

How to connect my first social profile to SocialBooster?

You can add profiles from the social networks listed above. If you choose to skip the welcome flow you can add your profiles in the dashboard by clicking the '+ Add New Profile' icon on the dashboard. A window will appear the options for connecting your account, select which network you wish to connect and you will be directed to their website to authenticate your account (this will take a couple of seconds) then you will be returned to your SocialBooster dashboard - your profile will then be connected.

How do I schedule my first post?

Compose and schedule your first post either from the Publish section or by clicking the Compose button on the top left heading bar. When you compose posts you have the option to Queue, Schedule or Share instantly. A post can also be added to your Drafts folder for later use. 

How many social profiles can I connect to my account?

20 connected profiles. Any combination of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

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