Knowledge Base

Changing page sizes

From time to time we receive emails where Website Builder users ask how to increase the size of the page. This is quite simple, each section is denoted by a horizontal gridline with a plus icon in the middle of it, this line can be clicked and dragged upwards or downwards to extend or decrease the section height. 

However, if you are looking to input a whole new section of content on your site we recommend clicking the plus icon. This will then very neatly insert a new section where the gridline resides, not only is the section created, there are a ton of layout options available for different types on content.

The number of content sections that when clicked provide a few different layout defaults for you to work with. All of these layouts translate brilliantly into mobile view so they are well worth using. In the image above, notice there are two section options; Content Sections and Common Sections, the later is great if you are requiring inspiration. There are section defaults for 'About Me' sections, 'Contact Us' sections, 'Features' sections and much more.