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How to use the forms settings menu

When you select a form, its settings window will pop up, if you select the Cog it will open the full settings menu.

You can use this window to do the following:

1. Manage Form - Add/remove fields, edit field titles and options (validation, visibility, etc.), field order and labels.

2. View Entries - View previous form entries.

3. Add Form Buttons - Add buttons, assign buttons and clear buttons to the form.

4. Scale - Re-size/scale the form as a whole.

5. Form - Edit form behavior (the email where a form is sent to when submitted, where a form links to, etc,) and the form's layout (field layout, field spacing, etc.)

6. Actions - Add, remove or edit actions attached to the form.

7. Link - Link a form to a page, URL or email address.

8. Show on all pages - the form will show on all the website pages (will become a master template element).

9. Element starts hidden - The form will start hidden in the preview and the published website.