Knowledge Base

Managing & customizing your blog

Basics Overview:

  • Back to Editor - Once selected this button will take you back to the editor and your website page.
  • Create New Post - Want to start creating? The Create New Post button will
  • All - The ‘All’ option will show you all the Blog posts that you have created.
  • Pinned - Pinned is an option that will allow you to Pin a post to the top of your Blog so that it appears before any of your other blog posts.
  • Featured - You can select some of your Blog post’s to be featured Post’s and these post will be listed in your ‘Featured Posts’ section so your users can find them easily
  • Published - The Published option will show you all the Posts that you have published on your Blog.
  • Drafts - Drafts are Posts that you have started or finished but are just not ready to share them yet!