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How to use the videos settings window

When you select a video, its mini settings window will pop up. If you select the Cog icon in the lower settings windows a full settings window will appear with more option for you.

You can use these windows to do the following:

1. Add Video's Widget - Allows you to add a video buttons like play, pause and stop.

2. Change video - Allows you change the video.

3. Change preview image - Allows you to change the image shown as the the preview of the video on your website.

4. Scale - Allows you to scale the video.

5. Video - Allows to toggle options like : using the embedded YouTube player, using a preview image, auto playing the video on your website or playing the video in a loop.

6. Actions - Add, remove or edit actions attached to the video.

7. Link - Link the video to a page, URL or email address.

8. Show on all pages - The video will show on all the website pages (will become a master template element).

9. Element starts hidden - The video will start hidden in the preview and the published website.