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How to create sub-pages on a menu

Adding sub-Pages to your navigation menu can be achieved on your pages menu’s. The Pages Menu is located on the left side tool-bar of the editor.


1. From the Pages menu, select Add New Page and enter the Title of this page. (This will be the Sub-page you wish to add)

2. Now select Manage Pages from the Pages menu.

3. Select the page you would like as your sub-page and drag & drop the page under your main page, so it comes after the page you would like as your sub-pages main page.

4. Instead of placing this page directly underneath the main page, move the cursor out slightly to create a step effect.

5. Please ensure that when you have finished updating the pages details and position that you click Save.

Now when you preview your website, hovering over the main page from your Navigation Menu will cause your sub-page to appear.

You can edit your sub-page by selecting the page from the pages drop-down menu on the top tool-bar.