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What are galleries?

Galleries are elements which display a collection of images, videos or both on a webpage. Their layout, number of frames displayed and their individual sizes can be edited. Transitions between frames can be amended and triggered by the you or set to change individually. Galleries can be used to display items such as photo albums or multiple products views on your page. 

If you have a series or set of photos you want to display on your website in an attractive way, galleries are for you. To add a Gallery click Add on the sidebar and click Gallery, then choose one of three layout options for galleries; grid, row or column. Now you can place the gallery somewhere on your page, to begin adding your own images clickManage Gallery on the tools palette. Here you can add, remove, add descriptions to images and re-arrange the order. 

To set transitions between images, add navigation buttons and control is the image enlarges when clicked, go into Settings on the tools palette.