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What are site menus?

A Site Menu is an easy-to-setup way to link to all your webpages and provide easy navigation for your customers around your website. Unless you choose a template with only one page, it is likely your website already has a site menu. Typically site menus are in the header of a website.

The clever thing about the Website Builder Site Menu is that it automatically adds any new pages you create to itself. It also does this on all pages, this means once you are happy with the design of your site menu, you don't really need to do anything to it... site menu's manage themselves!

To add a Site Menu, click Add in the sidebar, then click Site Menu. Now four layout options are present; Menu Button, Horizontal Menu, Vertical Menu and Grid Menu. Depending on the design of your website will depend on which layout you choose. Typically, on today's trendiest websites, a horizontal menu or menu button is seen. A horizontal menu is particularly good if you see yourself expanding the number of pages you have, you can set up drop-down menus for sub-pages which work well with this menu layout. On sleek full page sites menu buttons work nicely, menu buttons are typically 3 little horizontal lines that very inconspicuously sit in the top or right corner of a webpage. If you choose this layout, when the menu button is clicked, a menu of links slides out from either the left or right side of your website.

By default, all your website pages will appear in your Site Menu. This can be controlled or changed by selecting the site menu and clicking Manage Pages in the tools palette. 

Within Manage Pages you can define what order pages appear in the site menu, change the name of pages and choose perhaps to hide the page from the menu in desktop or mobile view.

Just like other elements, the tools palette has style, settings and size controls where you can customize the look and feel and interaction of the menu.

To set up drop down menus in your site menu click Pages on the side bar, here you can re-order pages by dragging and dropping. Notice if you drag a page with a slight indent under another it drops there with the indent. This page has now become a child of the above parent page, this means the child page now appears in a drop down menu in the site menu, under the parent page.