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6 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

So you’ve posted your first article on your new blog. Well done!

While anyone can technically start a blog, not all blogs are created equal. Time to sharpen your writing skills…

Let’s look at a few techniques that can take your writing (and your blog) to the next level.

1. Make a Habit of Writing

Make a habit of writing

Writing, like any skill, needs plenty of practice and as the saying goes… Practice Makes Perfect.

Write as often as possible. The more you write, the easier it will become. Try commit to posting an article on a weekly basis. Don’t stop there though. Commit to writing something at least once a day. It doesn’t need to be an article for your blog (a personal diary will work as a great tool to improve your skills not to mention help you collect your thoughts for the day). Soon writing will become second nature to you.

2. Make a Habit of Reading

Make a Habit of Reading

Most great writers are avid readers. The more you read, the more ideas you’ll be exposed to and the more writing techniques you’ll learn. Pay close attention to your favourite writers’, sentence structures, word choices and flow.

Don’t limit yourself to blogs only though. Pick up a good book or read through your local newspaper. The more diverse your reading is, the more your writing will become.

3. Go Back to Basics

Go Back to Basics

While you may be able to speak and read without any problem, writing requires extra attention to the rules of spelling and grammar. A misspelt word or a missing comma can completely change the meaning of a sentence and confuse your readers.

Proper use of grammar can also aid in the flow of your articles and engage your readers.

4. Proofread


Every writer will make errors in their writing; be it spelling, grammar or a missed word in a sentence. That’s why a first draft should never be published as is.

Proofreading and editing your articles before publishing will not only improve the quality of the article itself, but also improve your writing skills overall as you’ll start to see patterns in your errors and be able to avoid them in future articles.

5. Research


Failure to do thorough research on a subject before writing your article could not only undermine your reputation as a writer, but also potentially get you into unnecessary trouble.

Always be sure to check your facts and cite your sources.

6. Give Yourself Deadlines

Give Yourself Deadlines

A project without a deadline will forever remain unfinished

Giving yourself deadlines, while sometimes unnerving, can really get the creative juices flowing. Often deadlines will force you to focus and actually boost your creativity.

Don’t give yourself unrealistic deadlines, but don’t make them too easy either. Experiment with different timelines and figure out what motivates you best to complete an article.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this article. To create your own blog now, simply use the helpful tools in your Website Builder marketplace and get started.