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Editing tips to improve your blog

Developing your skills as a blogger can take time. Working on your writing technique can help attract new readers and keep your existing readers engaged.

Let’s look at some editing techniques you can use to improve your skills.

Ideas, ideas, ideas…


Often as writers we tend to get carried away in our thoughts and don’t take the time to double-check our sentences. This is fine when writing your first draft as your main goal should be to get your ideas down while you’re “in the zone”. Don’t let grammar or editing get in the way of your first draft but rather concentrate on laying the foundation down.

Correcting your spelling and grammar errors can be done during the editing process after your first draft.

Take a moment

Take a moment

The most common mistake writers often make is diving straight into editing as soon as they’ve finished writing their new article. Editing your article while it’s still fresh in your mind can often cause you to overlook errors.

Go distract yourself with a walk outside, a cup of tea, or check your emails just to get yourself into a different mindset before coming back to your article. This will help you view your article with ’fresh eyes”. You’ll be able to notice errors that you might have missed if you’d started editing immediately.

Split your editing into tasks

Divide your editing into different processes: content, structure and grammar. Splitting your editing into smaller tasks will make the editing process more focused and easier to manage.

  1. Content - Look at your article as a whole and look out for out-of-place or unfinished paragraphs and restructure your article accordingly.

  2. Structure - Think about how your reader will follow your content.

    • How could you make it easier for your reader to understand your thought process?

    • Would some bold headers or bullets points help get your story across better?

  3. Grammar - Now that you’ve worked on the overview and structure of your article, it’s time to look at the little things. Check for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Pick a random section

Pick a random section

Read your paragraphs out-of-order. This will help you to decide whether your paragraph makes sense on its own. Reading your article out-of-order also forces you to concentrate on what you’re reading and not reading in “autopilot” This will help in spotting mistakes you may have missed before.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this article. To create your own blog now, simply use the helpful tools in your Website Builder market place and get started.

Good luck and keep writing.