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Introduction to the Header & Footer

Typically headers and footers are the top section and bottom section that remain the same whichever webpage a visitor navigates to. The header and footer typically define the style and design of a website and contain, links to other pages, a logo or title of the website and contact information.

The Header

This area of your website is located at the top of your webpages. The header of your website usually is where you would find your site title or a business logo, also many sites will have their navigation links in the header section. To ensure that your header information is visible on every page of your website, select all of the elements in your header section and in the setting menu check the Show on all pages check box.

The Footer

This area of your website is located at the bottom of your webpages and again like your header, it is usually located on every page of your website. This area is where your site contact details, social media or copyright information would usually be found. Remember to check, like with your Header, that it is displayed on every page of your website.

The content in between!

In between your header and footer is the bulk of content you will be adding to your webpages. We typically refer to each block of content as a section.

Where your header meets your page, there is a plus icon, clicking this will add a new section to your page. This is identified with a '+' icon.

The type of sections available here are:


  • Images container templates
  • Texts containers
  • Video & Text containers
  • Mixed Content containers


Note: The height of your site will change according to the content you add and will increase when you add more content to your website. The width of your website is fixed at 980px, this size is to ensure compatibility with the many different devices being used today. For your site to be optimized for ipads and tablets, we recommend that you stay within the width of 980 pixels