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An overview of Website Builder email

Once you have upgraded a Website Builder account and registered or transferred a domain name to Website Builder, you can begin setting up custom email addresses.

There are options to set up mailboxes or forwarding addresses. This means you can set up a whole new email account with a custom address, or make a custom address that when emailed simply forwards emails to an existing email address you own.

When a new mailbox is setup, the email address (e.g. needs to be configured and a password needs to be provided. Once this has been done a whole new mailbox is created in which you can send and receive email.

When a forwarding email is setup, you specify the email address (e.g. and the existing email address it should forward all email to (e.g. When anyone emails your domain email address, the email will automatically forward to your existing email address. Some mail providers, such as Gmail, support sending emails from a custom email address also.

Your first mailbox with Website Builder is completely free, all additional mailboxes are $5 per month. Set up of forwarding email addresses is completely free though.

To begin setting up your email addresses, please click here.