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Cancelling an account

To cancel an account pleaseĀ contact us by email, accounts can be stopped immediately or set to not renew. If a refund is due for unused time on the account this will be issued to you upon cancellation.

Once an account is cancelled this means all billing ceases and paid features of the account become inaccessible. This means any websites in the account will become inaccessible to visitors and it means the website editor can no longer be accessed. Please ensure you recover content from the website editor or live site prior to cancelling.

The account login will remain accessible and the website is being stored by Website Builder should you ever wish to re-activate. If you wish to have the website and account completely deleted, please specify this in your email to us.

We really want to take the opportunity to discuss why you wish to cancel, we aim to please and hope we can help you with whatever problem you have encountered that has led you to the decision to cancel.