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How to copy an element

Copying elements can be done either by right-clicking on an element and selecting Copy > Copy Elements or by using standard Windows or Mac keyboard shortcuts (Windows: Ctrl + C, Mac: Cmd + C)

Once an element has been copied it can be pasted anywhere, on any page. Just like copying, pasting can be done by right-clicking and selecting Paste Elements or by standard Windows or Mac keyboard shortcuts (Windows: Ctrl + V, Mac: Cmd + V)

When copying and pasting an element, all of the elements styles and behaviours are copied as well. It is also possible to copy just the style of an element and paste and apply it to another, for example you may have added a drop shadow and a custom colour to a particular element and wish to apply the same styles to a different element. To do this right-click on the element with the styles and select Copy > Copy Style, then right-click the element you wish to apply the style to and select Paste Elements.