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Adding your Google analytics code

Adding Google Analytic's to your site will augment the stat's that we already provide from your site. Google Analytic's is a free tool that gives you the ability to analyse your website traffic in more depth.

To add Google Analytics's to your website, you will need to firstly sign up for a free account and add your site to the account.

Google will provide you with a block code that you will need to add to your website. This code can be copy and pasted into the Stat's page under Marketing on your left side tool bar, you will then be able to add your Google Analytic's.

You can also added your code when you are editing your website by clicking on Stat's from the left side tool bar.

Note:  There is a 24 to 48 hour delay between when you add the code to your site and when the stat's will become available in Google Analytic's.